Why solo travelling should be on your bucketlist

To many, the thought of travelling solo seems like a scary idea, but as many have discovered; if you cross the magic line of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the world of solo travellers, a magical journey awaits. Read on for the best reasons to travel solo to one of our surf camps.

Finding magic outside of your comfort zone

Overcoming the fear of going somewhere new by yourself will definitely give you an adrenaline kick and a whole new sense of being alive. Making the decision and booking a trip by yourself is actually the scariest part – when you are on that flight heading towards a tropical paradise you will get a strong sense of satisfaction and freedom. The liberating feeling of endless possibilities is addictive, and once you have travelled solo, you're likely to do it again.

Boost your confidence

Heading to one of our camps by yourself and learning to surf will challenge you – in the best possible way. By making new friends in the surf lessons and at our surf camp, you will realize that you're capable of a lot more than you think. By managing travel, surfing and social situations in new circumstances by yourself, you'll get real a real, heartfelt confidence-boost. Feels GREAT!

Make friends for life

You'll be surprised by how many people who travel solo to our surf camps, and also how easy it is to connect with your fellow travellers. In many ways, it's almost easier to make new friends when you are by yourself, as an open and curious vibe attracts people.

Staying at one of our surf camps is also a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and you'll find yourself having interesting conversations and getting to know the world in a whole new way. By being surrounded by travellers from foreign countries and cultures who engage you in another way, you will also get to know yourself better.

Make the world your oyster

By travelling solo, you are very flexible and can start ticking off surfing from your bucket list without waiting for the right time. Many waits for years for friends who say that they are gonna join but really can't commit – it's always the wrong timing or a reason not to go. The world is out there waiting for you, and the best thing you can do is starting to explore it yourself!

At our surf camps, you'll meet like-minded people you can connect with and keep on travelling with. Suddenly planning your next adventure is a lot easier when you have "doers" that are onboard and want the same things as you!


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